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Seaforth Yacht Charters isn’t just a service; it’s the San Diego Yacht Charter experience of a lifetime. At Seaforth Yacht Charters, we’re all about the good vibes! Gear up for the top-tier yachting adventure in San Diego, a rad mix of excitement, chill, and pure luxury. Our yachts? More than just boats, they’re your ocean oasis. Decked out with bright interiors and unmatched comfort, they’re your ticket to unforgettable memories. Oh, and for the adventurous souls, our Catamaran cruises offer a unique spin to enjoy the gorgeous San Diego Bay. With Seaforth, you’re signing up for a mind-blowing experience. Dive into the extraordinary today.

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More About Us

We have locations in Mission Bay and around San Diego Bay, so getting to us is no problem. Our staff of boating experts will help you set up your adventure and plan a great day on the water. We pride ourselves in top quality customer service and will do what it takes to make our part of your day the best it can be. Let us get you out on the water… A lifetime of memories starts here.

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